Hello world, Victor here!

Welcome to my portfolio site. I'm a developer looking to hone his skills in web development specifically web applications. I enjoy surfing, becoming proficient in the MERN stack as well as a hearty game of Hearthstone.




MERN (MongoDB Express React Node) stack

Amazon Web Services (EC2, S3, CodePipeline suite, Route53 )


Web Server Maintenance - AWS/Godaddy/Digital Ocean/BlueHost


Various websites that I've worked on throughout my career as a Web Developer to list a few.



Assisted in launching the open beta of the first social media platform with an infinite whiteboarding canvas space. Traceroll’s mission statement is to create virtual safe space and with it, a new online social media community that breaks the rigid templates of Facebook and Instagra. Users are encouraged to paint their canvas as they see fit. I have assisted with the creation of the app as the co-founder as well as managing of the server which is hosted on AWS.



Worked with acquired photo sharing company, MyPublisher, on bug fixes as well as tweaked and fixed social media meta scrapes through MVC architecture.


WTFP, Where's the Family Panning

Where’s the family planning focuses on bringing awareness with contraceptives, stories of teen pregnancies and anything family planning orientated. Created mini-applications as well assisted on an image uploader with auto-crop capabilities.

Main Street ROI

Main Street ROI

Helped with website redesign and migration of over 1000 assets ranging from images to pages for this seo focused company. Built landing pages, modified any changes to pre-existing content, as well as crafted a web service to register with GA upon purchase.

Lead Collaborative Project

Lead Collaborative Project

Funded by the Office of Adolescent Health (OAH) in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and coordinated by EngenderHealth, the LEAD Collaborative is a resource based website with the inclusion of knowledge management, an interactive calendar of events, and a blog.

Side Projects

Projects I've taken up on my personal time. I enjoy helping others so some websites on display were pro-bono while others may still be in the works.

Data For Impact Program

Data For Impact Program

Funded by Bloomberg and the CDC, was tasked by VitalStrategies to create a website with a modern feel but geared towards a non-proft informational audience. Another big note is worked closely with Google GeoCharts API to create an interactive map all done in JavaScript. Worked closely with a designer and Webflow to meet the deadline needs.

Jeannine Morris

Jeannine Morris

Reached out to me from a referral, I’ve corrected a fix from a false google inquiry about the site being hacked. I’ve also tweaked and edited the yoga focused squarespace site.

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